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Sand dryer, which can also be called river sand dryer, yellow sand dryer and silica sand dryer or quartz sand dryer, is a dryer machine that can process large quantities of materials and it has such advantages of reliable working condition, high production capacity, wide application range, elastic operation, strong adaptability and big processing capacity. Sand dryer is generally suitable for granulous materials, especially sand, river sand and silica sand.

Sand dryer can be used for drying all kinds of raw materials such as river sand, dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, slag in cement plant, clay, gangue, mixture, pulverized coal, gypsum, iron powder and limestone in building material, chemistry, casting and other industries.

【Drum Materials】:Heat-resisting steel sheet.

【Heat Source】:sand, coal, oil, natural gas, timber.


A sand dryer machine is mainly composed of cylinder, front roller ring, back roller ring, gear, catch roller, riding roller, pinion, discharging part, lifting board, reducer, motor, hot air pipe, feeding chute and blast furnace. In addition, according to the specific need of the customers, it can also be equipped with gas generator, combustion room or bucket elevator, belt conveyor, quantitative feeder machine, cyclone dust collector and air inducing machine.

Technical Parameters:

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