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VSI vertical impact crusher is developed on the basis of several patents of our company with the material striking against material, material striking against metal. It has two models: ‘Stone -Stone (VSI-I)’ and ‘Stone-Steel (VSI)’. The ‘Stone-Stone (VSI-I)’ can be used in processing hard materials, and the percentage of sand productivity is about 40%; The ‘Stone-Steel (VSI)’can be used in processing the materials with medium and high degree of hardness and the percentage of sand productivity is about 40-60%. The machine can be widely applied to stone reshaping, fine-grain making and sand making in the fields of construction, industrial ore, metallic ore and material recovery, it is the most ideal equipment for artificial sand-making.


1. Adjustable feed hopper gate and the distributor cooperated with the hydraulically powered wedge disc makes the precise control of the ratio between center feeding amount and window feeding amount to realize the adjustment of discharge. (Optional)

2. The top crane and folding distributor can realize the fast replacement of wearing parts in impeller, thus, saving the cost.

3. The double-handle inspection door makes it easier to open or lock, and convenient for the routine inspection.

4. The strengthened main shaft has the features of smaller vibrating and longer working life. Simple and reliable grease lubrication assures the main shaft assembly of constant working reliable and stable.

5. Superior impeller structure and high-quality wear part will maximize the performance of crusher, and reduce the power consumption to the least. It is sharply decreasing the downtime and maintenance load.

6. Detachable impact plate can make the conversion of the “stone beat stone” and “stone beat iron” more quick.

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