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Flotation Machine is suitable to separate non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal (copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, manganese, titanic iron ore, apatite etc), noble metal, non-metallic mineral, chemical rough and etc. It can be used in roughing, scavenging, concentration or reverse flotation. In flotation machine, the slurry mixed with drugs would be stirred and inhaled air, so that valuable minerals adhere to bubbles, float to slurry surface and then scraped off, other minerals still stay in the slurry, thus valuable minerals are separated out.


1. Large inhaling capacity and low consumption;

2. Process is easy to be changed;

3. Complete flotation circuit with inhaling air and slurry, no auxiliaries are needed;

4. Reasonable circulation of slurry decreases coarse sand sedimentation;

5. Automatic controlling device makes adjustment more convenient.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters-SF series of Flotation Machine:

Technical Parameters-BF series of Flotation Machine:

Technical Parameters-KYF series of Inflatable Flotation Machine:

Technical Parameters-XCF series of Inflatable Flotation Machine:

Technical Parameters-BS-K series of Inflatable Flotation Machine:

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