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XB Series Agitator is the necessary equipment to extend the medicament reaction time and strengthen the drug reaction quality. It is mainly used to mix pulp before flotation in beneficiation process and make potions and pulp fully mixed.  Also it can be used for roiling mixing or dilution mixing in chemical industry.

【Processible Materials】: Metals and non-metals.

【Application】: Ore beneficiation, construction materials, road and railway construction.


1. The blending system adopts single-direction or double-direction wall scraping blending and frequency conversion speed adjustment to satisfy production of different technological requirement.

2. Materials can be heated or cooled according to technological requirement.  The heating methods such as steam or electric heating can be selected according to customer requirements.

3. Various forms of blending vanes are suitable for production of different types of products.

4. Made of imported stainless steel. The tank body and pipe are subjected to mirror polishing.

5. Bottom installation type dispersing head and pipeline type emulsifying head are optional to speed up dissolution and emulsification of materials.

6. The stainless steel electric control cabinet can completely supervise the operation of equipment, and display such date as temperature and blending rotating speed etc.

Technical Parameters:

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