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Closely following the leading edge of science and technology in the world and introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, our company has successively researched and developed many kinds of energy-saving and environmentally friendly sawdust dryers, also named as wood chip dryer or wood shavings dryer, thus forming large-scale quantity production.

Sawdust dryer is mainly composed of air heater, feeder machine, pneumatic drying pipe, cyclone separator and draught fan. The working process of this machine is that the spiral conveyor is used to continuously send the powdery wet sawdust into the drying pipe, and in the conveyance and dispersion of high-speed hot air, the water containing in the wet materials will evaporate, thus getting powdery or granular dry products.

Due to the unique structure of the sawdust dryer machine, the sawdust can be fully dried inside the rotating cylinder, and before going into the material conveyance pipe, the sawdust will be fully dispersed again, making the water more quickly evaporated. In addition, the baffle plate can block the impurities in the sawdust to ensure the quality of the sawdust that goes into the material conveyance pipe.

【Heat Source】:Coal, oil, natural gas, timber.

【Drying Materials】: Sawdust, palm shell, wood chips, bagasse, straw, vinasse, slag, coal powder, mining powder, clay, sand, limestone and so on.


1. Compact structure and reliable operation.

2. Reasonable layout and good drying effect.

3. Low energy consumption.

4. High thermal efficiency.

5. Customized for every application.

6. Low outlet temperature and long service life.

7. Automation control reduces the operating personnel and saves labor resources.

8. Small basis investment, which is only half of the same production monocular dryer.

Technical Parameters:

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